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 It all started with a trail run! I really wanted to do a marathon and even did the Cheseboro 1/2, but while training for a full is when I found out I had spinal herniation's. Very depressed at my finding of L-2,3,4,5 with mild herniation, I back off on my running. Finding that it depressed me more not to run, I got back on the trails. Finding that it is just the constant pounding that was killing me. That lead me to my first "Obstacle Course" race.

2012 Malibu Spartan Sprint. I was hooked, I followed with the "Super" in February '13, and this year '14, I added the "Beast". Working my way to my first "Trifecta"!

I found that the break up of the run really worked for me. Although I hate those could water swims, I love being out there challenging myself!

To find some races/challenges near you:

As an intro to outdoor training, start with a 2-3 mile run and preform 10 burpees every 1/2 mile finishing with 10 burpees and a 60 second plank.

For some outdoor fun on the weekends, drop me a message or text!


It is time to train for the Spartan Beast! AROO! The "Gut Check fitness challenge" from November 8th will definitely help. But after the Malibu sprint December 6th, it is time to get serious. So it begins,

Dec 7, 4 mile trail run with 600 stairs.

Dec 8, rest

Dec 9, Ran two large dogs 2 miles. 30 minutes later ran 1 mile treadmill 6.0 at 2.5% incline.

          Bosu squat curl 15 lbs db 15 reps

          Lateral step ups with 30 lbs sandbag 12 each leg.

          30 lbs sandbag lunge walks 20

          Stability ball hamstring curl 15 reps

          Body Weight dips

3 times

1 mile run after 4.5% incline at 6.0 pace

Dec 10, Massage :)

Dec 11, 4 mile run

             Stability ball DB chest press 40 lbs DB alternating for 10 then 5 together

             Wide grip pull-down 70 lbs 12 reps

Push-Ups 20

Low Row 60 lbs 12 reps

           3 times

Flat bench press 65 lbs 12 reps

1 arm bent-over DB row 25 lbs 10 reps

Incline DB chest fly's 15 lbs 12 reps

Assisted Pull ups 12 reps

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