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LuLu 11 years old March 14, 2015

Pablo 11 September 15, 2015

They are thriving and full of energy. LuLu

is 4 years out of her Pancreatic cancer


People who know me, know I cook everything my Dogs eat. The next question is always what do you make them? That is why I decided to add this page. The pictures tell the rest.

At age 6 LuLu came up with Pancreatic cancer. After her surgery she started losing her hair:

Phase one,

So i did some research and linked it to

her food. "Science diet". First ingredient starch. Really! So I started making her food and of course Pablo to. Two months after making her food, here are the results.

Phase 2,

One year later she started losing again but worse!

More research lead me to adding Human

grade Salmon fish oil! Results in

one month!

This is there full diet, I cook every four days:

10lbs of chicken tenders boiled

1 lb organic green beans steamed

10oz precooked organic brown rice

1 cup organic low sodium chicken broth

2 Lg raw organic grated carrots

2-3 raw pieces grated turmeric root

seaweed calcium for dogs and cats

Rx vitamins for dogs

CosaminDS (joint fuel)

Omega Factors

Wild Alaskan Salmon oil

While chicken is boiling, I steam the green beans.

I have 6 Pyrex Tupperware containers ready where I grate the carrots and turmeric. evenly split the amount into 4. Drain and cut up green beans some (for better absorption). I then add the rice to green beans with chicken broth. no need to cook any further as rice is precooked. Mix well and add evenly to grated carrots and turmeric.

I then add calcium, vitamins, and joint fuel as directed per container, mixed well together. I then cut, chop, process the chicken, which ever you prefer, and add it to the mix. Then twice a day I add I salmon fish oil gel cap. Pierced open and squeezed on top.

They are feed 1cup 3 times a day. Their weight 65-75 lbs. Adjust according to your dogs weight.

Just know that you can eat their food as well. My favorite is putting it over a boiled sweet potato!

I then cut and dehydrate London broil for snack. Nothing added, its their favorite.

I also make Pumpkin biscuits:

2 can organic pumpkin puree

2 cups organic brown rice flour

2 organic free range egg, only one yolk, but use the shell and all. it has good protein and calcium. Mix together well, lay on cookie sheet, flatten with fork about 1/8 inch thick. Cook at 325/350. Check after 45 minutes, as i found not every oven cooks the same. They should start to crisp around edges. For extra crispy leave in turned off oven 3-4 hours. this makes up to 50 cookies good for up to two weeks in air tight container!               


I am now a Catch Canine Academy "Master dog trainer"

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