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JoJo's Body Shop Fitness Manuel

"Head up, Chest up, Shoulders back, Stomach tight!"

"Bend your knees"

The Book!


Got into juicing beginning of '12 after my Nephrologist wanted to put me on blood pressure medication to "Protect my 1 kidney". Never been a fan of medications so I sought "Alternative medicine".

I was referred to a guy, Jason Whitmer CET, HHP. He enlightened me to a new/old world of living and the results have been amazing! How ALKALINE are you? If you answer yes to any of these questions you should consider juicing.

1) Are you have or are you on heartburn medication?

2) Does your skin lack a nice healthy glow?

3) Do you have any dry flaky skin?

4) Do you have any kidney issues?

5) Do you have athletes foot?

6) Having trouble getting in your 6-8 daily serving of fruits and vegetables?

7) Do you eat processed or fast food?

8) Are you on a high protein diet?


Do you have any PMS or in my case, perimenopause issues?

This is a very small, typical list of how juicing can help. Although my eating habits are quit different I still find the need for my juice.

I suggest you do some research on 'The Acid Alkaline Diet". You should not buy anything from these sites just use them as research, because everything you need will be at your local grocer. Provided you have a juicer. Once you get a better understanding of what you need to do, you can start building your concoctions.

This is my personal "starter kit" I start my clients on. From here you mix and match to suit your needs/wants. Example on top of this starter kit I use parsley for my kidney and sometimes Red Chard just because I like the color. I then discovered mustard greens, nice and spicy! Sometimes celery root or dandelion is nice. So much to choose from.

This kit I have you, Clean, divide into 4, bag and store it in the crisper. I find four is the max days for freshness. You have to go organic!

Positive Alternative Starter Kit

3 bunches of kale

4 cucumbers

4 carrots

4 small beets

1 bunch celery

1 bunch spinach

thumb size piece of ginger or garlic

pack strawberries

4 apples

4 lemons

Results may vary. I use my juice to relieve heartburn, it keeps me emotionally balanced and I can eat anything I want I just have to balance it out. I personally use my juice to keep my acid levels down. I drink some with every meal. I am not vegan, i eat chicken preferrably organic when I can but definitely organic grass fed beef if I eat it. Not that I needed to lose weight, but the first two weeks I dropped 5 pounds and now my body maintains it to without even trying. Provided I get my normal workouts in.


On the go! Look for cold press greens with minimal amounts of sugar. I stay under 12-15 grams per serving. Natural no added sugar of course!

One of My on the go juices. I mix either this "Turmeric" or a "Ginger" elixir!

Green devotion or Essential green works for me, alternating the Turmeric and Ginger. First thing in the morning empty stomach!

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