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For all your fitness needs, although I can only bring the water to you! Reach out, get 

accountable, get back to nature, restore your energy! Let's have some fun!


Please consult with your doctor and/or fitness professional before starting any fitness regimen!

Welcome to a positive alternative fitness approach, where I make it a positive personal experience. What works for one, may not work for another. Lets find out what works for you.

Always FREE!!! one time consultation with program design!!

I also offer STRETCHING Sessions $1 a minute.

Your excuses are over, I will be nice, come take your medicine! Even if you are in shape and need a change or just wanna see how in shape you are, I am up for that challenge too! Just leave a message and we will plan the date! :-)

Whether you want to be a World Champion or just feel like one!

You have to get moving and the real trick is to keep moving! If you want to get the most out of life, you gotta put something in. That does not mean work, work, work, it is not the same. Working out will help you combat the stressor of your everyday job/life and body aches.

   If you currently do nothing, just go for a walk. It is invigorating at the least; and you may just burn off your breakfast.

International women's boxing Hall of       Fame inductee 2021

"lose stomach fat and get six-pack abs,"

"No core exercises or fitness devices will give you six pack abs without dietary changes. Let's say you have a stellar diet and no six pack abs, you just need to get moving.”

To make a "DIF"ferance in your body you need:

DURATION - 50-70 minutes of continuous exercise.

INTENSITY - working with little or no rest hitting 90-100% maximum heart rate.

FREQUENCY - 4 to 6 days week. 

Circuit training workouts are the best for shedding body fat. They include hitting all muscle groups along with cardiovascular training. Stay with higher repetitions and go for the burn! The good thing is you can do this anywhere. Go for a walk, hike or jog, throw some burpees, squats, push-ups and sit-ups along the way and you have your self a workout

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