JoJo's Body Shop - Pet CPR first aid certified
     Got my open water certificate back in '01. It has been a great outlet for me. I then progressed to "Master Diver", which includes; Stress & Rescue and two other specialties. I chose Limited visibility, because I do a lot of beach diving and Deep diving just to be a more comfortable diver. Not much to see deep unless you are doing some shipwreck dives, Its dark and cold down there. Got in the photography in '08, i do it for pure enjoyment.
7 '11
     To get the most out of your dives, it helps to be in shape! Although boat diving has it perks and is better suited for the average diver, one should have a general level of fitness. Can you jog 2 mile comfortably? Can you hold the plank for a minute? If not I suggest you start there.
    For the more advanced diver such as myself, I do a lot of beach diving and I suggest you strengthen your legs, cardiovascular system and core. Try this one to keep you beach diving strong.
Warm-up 5-10 minutes treadmill
Push ups 15 reps
Assisted pull ups 15 reps
With 10LB Dumbbells
Lunge walks 20 paces
Squat with biceps curl 15 reps
Standing overhead triceps extension 15 reps
Bench/assisted dips 15-20
Stability ball Hamstring curl 15 reps
Single leg sit squat off bench 12 each leg
Plank 45/60 seconds
treadmill 5.0/6.0 jog 5 minutes
repeat from the top 3 to 4 times
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