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Please consult with your doctor and/or fitness professional before starting any fitness regimen!
Depending on fitness level (walk or jog)
all fitness levels all exercises!
Walk 2 minutes, jog 3 minutes
5 burpees 20 mountain climbers
jog 1/4 mile, 20 body weight squats
walk 1/8 or jog 1/4 mile 10 burpees
walk 1/8 or jog 1/4 mile 20 walking lunges
walk 1/8 jog 1/4 mile 15 push-ups
walk or jog to the nearest hill, 5/50 yard hill sprints. Walking back to start point.
Finish with 15 push-ups, 10 burpees, 20 body weight squats, 20 walking lunges,
10 more burpees, 20 mountain climbers.
Jog or walk home!
Average time 45 minutes

Have a great workout, don't forget to hydrate and refuel with 30 minutes of your workout.

Find a weight that will keep you between 12-15 repetitions.
       Wide grip pull down, cable chest fly's, push ups over a bosu holding a weighted bar, (round side up), seated row. THREE TIMES
       Stability ball wall squats with a shoulder press, standing lateral raises, tubing reverse fly's, tubing triceps kickbacks.  THREE TIMES
        Lunge walks holding 10-15lbs kettle bells. Do 10 paces then ten kettle swings twice, then go right to 15-20lbs weighted ball slams for 15 to 20, triceps scull crushers. Use the weights you use for the scull crushers, put legs straight up to ceiling and reach for your toes 20-30 times, follow with 20 reverse crunches. THREE TIMES
       Straight bar biceps curl, body weight dips, stability ball sit ups with a rotation. THREE TIMES
finish with a mile jog and 10 minutes of stretching. Cobra, downward dog, pigeon pose, scorpion, are among my favorites yoga poses for stretching.
Turkey/holiday circuit
45 second intervals

Flat/incline pushups
Ball slams
Close grip pull down
Lunge walks
Seated row
Prone hamstring curl
Triceps pushdown
Knee raises
     Treadmill 1 mile
Repeat from top with cross trainer 5 minutes level 12 instead of treadmill

Jumping jacks with weighted bar
1/4 isometric squat rowing
Stairs skipping a step 3 times or step-ups 15 each leg
Shuffle drill (toe touching a 6 inch step consecutively)
Bench Dips
      Versa climber 5 minutes
Repeat from top with rowing machine 5 minutes instead of Versa climber 


Rating; advanced
60 minute Full body
Jumping jacks with weighted bar
Standing row

    On flat side of Bosu,  cable at your side. Grip rope triceps, with straight arms, squat while getting hands/arms outside your legs and upon standing rotate straight arm across your body reaching up over the opposite shoulder.
10 each side
    Close grip pull down  12-15
Burpie push ups into pull ups  1-1 repeat 10 times           
     (one push up jumping into a pull up)

Stability ball db chest press alternating rotating  20/5
Standing lateral raises.   10
TRX rear flys.  12
Single leg stiff legged dead lift with DB biceps curl 10 ea. follow with single leg DB overhead triceps extension 10-12
Stability ball hamstring curls. 15
Dips with a knee raise 12-15

Plank 30 seconds, 15 plank lifts
(rest hips on ground and lift), 
then hold 30 seconds

Off hyper extension apparatus, Side flexion with rotation 10 then 5 straight. Activating navel as you side flex. Repeat other side. Finish with 10-12 hyperextensions.

STRETCH 5-10 minutes

ADVANCED full body ENDURANCE 1 1/2 hour
Flat Db chest fly. 12-15
Dips 12-15
Push up with rotation 12
Pull-ups 10-12
Stairs skipping 2times with DB or step-ups 12 each leg
Sit squat with a bicep curl shoulder press 15
Standing high row 15
Hanging knee raises 15/20
                               Treadmill 7%  incline 6-7 MPH                                  
          Repeat from top end with versa climber 8 minutes     

Incline smith 12-15
Shoulder lateral raises 12-15
Straight arm pull down rope 15
Rope triceps pushdown 10
Lunge walks 20 paces
Lying hamstring curl 15
Seated bicep curl 12
Skull crushers 12-15
Crossover crunches 40 

   Cross trainer (illipitical) 8 minutes
              Repeat from top end with rowing machine 8 minutes
Side plank with elbow rotation (Top elbow touches ground 10 times)
Side hip extensions 10
Hold  for 10 seconds  Each side
Plank 1-2 minutes
Back extensions 10 times

28 Minute Circuit
With 5, 8, or 10 pound dumbbells
Depending on ones fitness and strength levels
                                         Beginners at least 1- 2 times
                                              Intermediate 3 times
                                                 Advanced 4-5 times
This is a great work out for some one with limited time and all you need is a body and some hand weights. Great for travel at the office or just at home watching T.V
                          EXERCISE                                 REPETITIONS
                   Squat w/ a shoulder press                               15-20
                   Standing lateral raises                                     15-20
                   Bent-over dumbbell fly’s                                15-20
                   Flat or Incline push-ups                                  15-20
                   Bent-over D.B. rows                                     15-20
                   Standing lunges w/ a bicep curl                       15-20
                   Second leg lunge w/ an overhead triceps 
                                                extension                           15-20
                   Triceps Kick backs                                        15-20
                   Sit-ups w/ medicine ball                                  20-30
                   Ball crunches                                                  20-30  
                   The Plank                                                       30-60 seconds
                                             5 minute stretch
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