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Please consult with your doctor and/or fitness professional before starting any fitness regimen!
                     OUTDOOR WORKOUT OF THE DAY!             8'2020
Walk 1/4 mile, perform 25 squats, 25 dips off curb or near bench.
Run/Walk 1/4 mile perform 20 lunges
run/walk 1/4 mile 15 burpees, 20 mountain climbers
Jog 1/4 mile home 30-50 crunches
Have a great workout, don't forget to hydrate and refuel with 30 minutes of your workout.

                                                 SPARTAN READY!                                       7'2020
30 Burpees
20 mountain climbers
10 Pull-ups
20 Split jumps
Carry a sandbag 1/4 mile
Drop the bag sprint 1/8 mile
Repeat 2-4 times

ADVANCED full body ENDURANCE 1 1/2 hour
Flat Db chest fly. 12-15
                                                        Dips 12-15
                                                Push up with rotation 12
                                                       Pull-ups 10-12
                          Stairs skipping 2times with DB or step-ups 12 each leg
                           Sit squat with a bicep curl shoulder press 15
                                                 Standing high row 15
                                          Hanging knee raises 15/20
                               Treadmill 7%  incline 6-7 MPH                                  
                       Repeat from top end with versa climber 8 minutes     

                                              Incline smith 12-15
                                       Shoulder lateral raises 12-15
                                    Straight arm pull down rope 15
                                          Rope triceps pushdown 10
                                                 Lunge walks 20 paces
                                              Lying hamstring curl 15
                                           Seated bicep curl 12
                                               Skull crushers 12-15
                                                Crossover crunches 40 

   Cross trainer (illipitical) 8 minutes
              Repeat from top end with rowing machine 8 minutes
              Side plank with elbow rotation (Top elbow touches ground 10 times)
                                         Side hip extensions 10
                                    Hold  for 10 seconds  Each side
                                                     Plank 1-2 minutes
                                                 Back extensions 10 times

28 Minute Circuit
With 5, 8, or 10 pound dumbbells
Depending on ones fitness and strength levels
                                         Beginners at least 1- 2 times
                                              Intermediate 3 times
                                                 Advanced 4-5 times
This is a great work out for some one with limited time and all you need is a body and some hand weights. Great for travel at the office or just at home watching T.V
                          EXERCISE                                 REPETITIONS
                   Squat w/ a shoulder press                               15-20
                   Standing lateral raises                                     15-20
                   Bent-over dumbbell fly’s                                15-20
                   Flat or Incline push-ups                                  15-20
                   Bent-over D.B. rows                                     15-20
                   Standing lunges w/ a bicep curl                       15-20
                   Second leg lunge w/ an overhead triceps 
                                                extension                           15-20
                   Triceps Kick backs                                        15-20
                   Sit-ups w/ medicine ball                                  20-30
                   Ball crunches                                                  20-30  
                   The Plank                                                       30-60 seconds
                                             5 minute stretch
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